Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So I clicked on the link to read some documents from the American Red Cross, and was asked to set up an ID for Sribd.  Wanting to read the ARC documents, I signed up.  I suppose this is good marketing, and I bought into the privacy options.  Hah!  I now have a few dozen email notices that many of you signed up to follow me. 

Here’s my question: what’s the advantage of Scribd over a Blog or Google docs?  There seems to me to be a fair amount of redundancy here.  Why would you want to follow docs I post on a web site, rather than read my Blog (  –yes, a shameless plug)?  After all, Blogs are better suited to monologues and dialogs IMHO.  And I can always link-in a file posted to my web site.

I’d be grateful if you those of you far more tuned into web sharing than I am could enlighten me.  What am I missing here?  Oh, and to cover the bases, I’m posting this rant in my Blog.  Let’s see where the traffic (and opinions) go.


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